Vladimir Mukhin
Vladislav Alekseev
Anatoly Kazakov
Alexey Kogay
Licarion Solntsev
Vladimir Mukhin
Chef of the restaurant White Rabbit
The brand-manager White Rabbit Family
The first Russian chef, whose restaurant is included in the international rating The World's 50 Best Restaurants for two years in a row: №13 in 2019, №15 in 2018, №23 in 2017, №18 in 2016. Respect for traditions and interest in new culinary technologies allowed Vladimir to become one of the leaders of Russian chefs of the "new wave". He entered the cohort of the world's best chefs and today represents Russian cuisine at the world's major gastronomic congresses.
Anatoly Kazakov
Chef of the restaurant Selfie
Takes 88th place in the ranking of the best restaurants in the world. The philosophy of its dishes is based on three principles: traditions, local products and modern cooking technologies. In 2012 he won the Silver Triangle contest, becoming the Best Young Chief, and six months later he entered the final of the prestigious international competition S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2012.
Licarion Solntsev
Chef of the restaurant Chef's Table
The restaurant holding White Rabbit Family has been working for more than 6 years. In 2016, together with Vladimir Mukhin, he opened the White Rabbit Lab, where he headed the creative department. And in February 2017 he became chef Chef's Table.
Alexey Kogay
Alexey Kogay The chef of the Asian direction of the restaurants “ Vokrug Sveta” and “Sakhalin”
Asian cuisine is in his blood. Alexey is koryo-saram - an ethnic Korean, born in Kazakhstan, began his professional career as a student of the Japanese chef. In 2011, he joined the White Rabbit Family and became part of the Zodiac, Chicha and Chicha Bar restaurants in Sochi. In 2018, he headed the Asian direction of Vokrug Sveta and Sakhalin restaurants. According to Alexei, each dish consists not only of correctly selected and prepared ingredients, but also of the mood of the chef himself. That is why he cooks every dish in a way that allows him to to share positive creative energy with his guests.
Vladislav Alekseev
Chef-fermentologist Chef's table Vladislav Alekseev Family of White Rabbits.
This processing technology has been used for centuries in gastronomy around the world, but fermentation has deep Russian roots. Owners are exploring methods of cooking products that have no analogues: urination, languishing in a Russian oven, fermentation. Chef's table.
Black Swan Domostroy Contrast The Metamorphoses Russian Evolution From farm to table Winter time Autumn Vladivostok Fish. Fish. Fish Truffle set Vladivostok
Black Swan
Coco lardo 2.0
Moss, cheese and fried milk
Scallops, redberry and pickle juice
Soaked pumpkin and black caviar
Cabbage head, sour cream and roots
Cedar, moonshine and scallops
Buckwheat and sea urchin
Brewers grains
Dolma and yogurt
Soaked apple
Draw your future
Tea and buckwheat
Crab, carrot and salted egg yolk
Sour soup with smoked herring
Bird cherry flour kundums with roasted elk tongues and eels
Turnip and topinambur soup with wild duck
Starlet with sour grain, pike caviar and fried carp sauce
Pear with honey russian beverage and vendace caviar
Tavranchuk beef ribs cooked in the brew with onion pie
Dark rye bread
Moose milk
Coco lardo
Mackerel, celery and seaweed
Sunflower and black caviar
Scallop, carrot and raspberry
Sea urchin roe, potatoes and tangerines
Green tomatoes, pears, Borodino bread
Cod and fried chanterelles
Quail, egg and corn
Salad with lettuce, avocado and onion
Beetroot, burnt hazelnuts
Black caviar, white chocolate
Red currant and black currant
The Metamorphoses
Salted Napoleon and corn milk
Swan’s liver ryazhenka and mulberry
Sea urchin roe and sea buckthorn
Okroshka (cold russian vegetable soup) with milk mushrooms
Crab and baby corn bbq
Cabbage pie and caviar
Red gooseberry and flavor
Dolma without sin
Food as medicine
Sour cream and wild strawberries
Russian Evolution
Coco lardo, black caviar and dark rye bread

Milk and eucalyptus

Sea urchin and sea buckthorn

Okroshka (cold russian vegetable soup)
Milk mushrooms and pickle juice

Buckwheat, dried roach and osetra caviar

Cabbage pie
Baked cabbage and caviar

Fish porridge
Black cod, jerusalem artichoke and tangerines

Honey infused beverage and green gooseberries

Beef rib and strawberries

Dark rye bread
Strawberries, sour cream and green cherry plums

Ice cream
Lilac and mulberry

Honey water
Porcini mushrooms
From farm to table
Wild strawberry and scallop
Cabbage and sheep cheese
Courgettes and truffle
Tomatoes, physalis, and white asparagus
Crab and wild mint
Halibut, peas, and young almonds
Filet mignon, linden, and chanterelle
Sorrel and boiled fermented milk
Ceps and black chanterelle
Winter time
Pumpkin, black truffle and cashew
Crab, carrots and pomelo
Scallop, chickpeas and tangerines
Beets and cedar milk
Black cod, malt and pumpkin
Abkhazian lemon and stavlenny honey
Flatiron, parsnip and pomegranate
Persimmon, chestnut honey and feijoa
Murmansk crab, turnip cabbage and Antonovka
Tuna, watermelon and wasabi leaves
Warm tomatoes and dried duck
Scallop, corn and white wine
Black cod, broccoli and anchovy
Red gooseberry and honey infused beverage
Filet mignon, topinambur and wild strawberries
Persimmon, chestnut honey and feijoa
Rhubarb, melted cottage cheese and chocolate
Bearberry loaf, smoked cheese and sockeye caviar
Lesco de Tigro and clams
Scallop, rudderfish sauce and yuzu
Sea urchin roe, onion and chocolate
Crab, apples and dried black lime
Sushi with beef and foi gras
Moki fish stroganoff
Beef rib and seaweeds
Honeysuckle ice cream and goat’s milk mousse
Wagashi Mochi with caramel and blueberry
Fish. Fish. Fish
Taraco caviar, cucumber, and mountain peach
Sushi Butterfish, and Black Truffle
Hand roll with tuna belly, and red caviar
Yellowtail with sea urchin, water dashi, and yuzu
Bluefin tuna back tartare with avocado and flying fish roe
Donburi with black cod and wasabi leaves
Hamachi cheek and gooseberry
Cotton cheesecake and peach
Wasabi ice cream with figs and caramel
Truffle set
Bearberry loaf
Yellowtail fish, persimmon and white truffle
Venison tartare with black truffle
Buckwheat noodle, dried roach and black truffle
Caramel with pumpkin and white truffle
Quail, corn and black truffle
Beef with oak leaves and roots
Persimmon, malt and white truffle
Gold truffle ice-cream
Bearberry loaf, smoked cheese and sockeye caviar
Lesco de Tigro and Anadara
Scallop, rudderfish sauce and yuzu
Sea urchin roe, onion and chocolate
Crab, apples and caviar
Sushi with beef and foi gras
Moki fish stroganoff
Beef rib and seaweeds
Wagashi Mochi with caramel and blueberry